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Pipe Fittings and Leak Repair Clamp

Youngnam Metal Co., Ltd. manufactures high-quality steel pipe coupling (pipe coupling) products. Since 1986, it has supplied steel pipe coupling products to various industries, including shipbuilding, civil, and other industrial projects. Our steel pipe couplings are differentiated by simple installation, reduced space, time, and cost factors.

Youngnam BG 1

Easy & Simple

  • Easy to Install

  • Install within minutes

  • No special tool required

Youngnam BG 2

Cost Efficient

  • Long-term economic efficiency

  • Permanent Pipe Joint & Repair

Youngnam BG 3
  • High quality stainless steel ( 304/316L)

  • Withstand up to 40 Bar of Pressure


Watch how quickly and easily YOUNGNAM repairs leaking pipes.

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