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Noise damping automotive industry.png
Special lubricants and noise damping products for the automotive industry
Railway Industries.png
Rail Lubricants
Food Processing & Pharmaceutical Industry.png
Special lubricants for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry
Bechem's Pellet Presses Catalogue
Special lubricants for pellet presses
Electromers and plastics.png
Lubricants compatible with elastomers and plastics
High-performance lubricating greases for telescopic booms_edited.jpg
Fitting Industry.png
Special lubricants for the fitting industry
Lubricator for Food Industry.png
Lubricator 125 Specialty Lubricants for Food Industry
Bechem's Chain Oils Catalogue
High performance chain oil 
Bechem's Spray Cans Catalogue
Special lubricants in spray cans
Textile Industry.png
Next Generation Lubricants for the Textile Industry
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 13.43.52.png
Environmentally-friendly lubricants and additives
Anti-friction coating.png
Anti-friction coatings
Lubrication Solutions for Electromobility
Berusynth GPX – the new generation of synthetic gear oils.png
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